7 Fun and Safe Virtual Date Ideas during Coronavirus

As countries go into lockdown one after another, it becomes obvious that this Covid-19 situation is going to affect our life for the long haul, if not forever. Especially in dating, coronavirus has pushed for a drastic increase in video dates (or more fancily known as virtual dates). A transition that we have long seen coming.

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How do I get my ex back?

The only one strategy that works is no contact forever. Block them. Remove their friends from your social media. Build new passions. Go travel. Work out as hard as you can. Grow yourself. Level the fuck up.

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Can you really find love on tinder?

Not just love, but can anyone really find any meaningful relationship through online dating? Well, I found my girlfriend on tinder, and I know a few others who did, too, and even got married!

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I gave up on dating apps

The time was July 2017. Andy and I decided to quit our jobs, sell Lily’s Creperie – a restaurant we co-owned with another friend, and moved to Japan/Taiwan to start a tech company. He thought I was crazy, but still jumped on the idea anyway.

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