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Why waste time texting when
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Everyday at noon, you get a free video Speed date

Video Chat with a random person for 3 minutes

Swipe if you want to continue talking

If you like each other, you can exchange contacts and ask them out on a real date.

"Words only make up 7% of attraction"
- Albert Mehrabian
UCLA Professor of Psychology​

Personal experience

Tired of swiping on photoshopped profiles with glamorous filters?

Fast result

No beating around the bush. Find out if you click with them right away.


We are all for helping you find love. If you don't find it right away, have a laugh and try again.

No wasting time

Everyone has 3 minutes to spare. On your commute, lunch break or a lazy Sunday.

No fake bots

You know it is a real person instantly because of the live video.

Easy to use

You join, and you video chat. As simple as that.

Meet your love in 3 minutes

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